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Ghetsum Ghetit Card

How To Order A Ghetsum Ghetit Card

The definitive card that says “I want you to know how I feel The Ghetsum Ghetit Card makes the perfect gift for, friends, family members and employees. The personalized card benefits the giver by giving a card that has meaning or tells of a significant moment which when reflected on brings a smile, or warms the heart. The card can be redeemed at Ghetsum Office Products inc. The card is delivered to the recipient via the mail. If you prefer to give to the recipient an e-mail notification, you would enter their email address in the “recipient’s email address” field when you fill out the Ghetsum Ghetit Card application.

Stock Card Styles

Our cards come in the standard credit card size(CR 80): 2 1/8″ x 3 3/8″ We print on plastic cards with the thicknesses of the plastic cards 15, and 30 mil. Click to view the card template.

Artwork Dimensions

All digital artwork files should be in printable format for PC environment. If you are sending film files of artwork following all text in artwork should no more than 3 lines screen. All text in artwork to be converted to curves or supplied with working fonts in a text document Microsoft Word. Digital Artwork to be formatted in the following software for best results Adobe Illustrator (.eps or .ai files) Adobe Photoshop (.eps or working files (.psd) minimum 300dpi) Corel Draw (.ai or .eps files only) If you are sending files via the web, larger than 2mb, please compress files in either ZIP for the PC

All pre-done artwork is to follow sizes and positioning as specified above.

Redeeming Your Card

Once the e-mail is received, the recipient will be notified as to the approximate length of time the Card will arrive in the mail. The Ghetsum Ghetit card can only be redeemed at Ghetsum Office Products Inc. The card must be redeemed at Ghetsum Office. You will need the password , or phrase that the giver has set up for you to redeem the card. This password is kept in house and is not sent in the e-mail notification. Once your card is validated, you will be shown our 30,00 plus products from our catalogue and/or website that you could redeem its value. The Ghetsum Ghetit card amount will automatically be deducted from the bill. All sales are final. Refunds are not offered. Currency is in Canadian dollar and is only applicable in Canada. Administration fee: $8.50 ie ( a Ghetsum Ghetit card for $100.00 would cost $108.50, which includes printing and shipping)

Sample Ghetsum Ghetit Card


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